Catnnabis Drops

Hemp with a delicious fishy flavor for your sweet purring cuddle puddle. With 120 mg of hemp extract per bottle, this formulation is made specifically for cats.

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Chewy Biscuit Delights

These soft chewy treats have zero THC content and are perfect for your cat or dog. They are made with natural, vet approved ingredients.

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Canna-Buddy Drops

This is pure hemp goodness packed into a 30 mL bottle! Each bottle contains 210 mg of CBD, a month's supply for the pet that would benefit from a daily dose of CBD.

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All Natural Ingredients

When our 1 year old Staffordshire Terrier mix started showing signs of separation anxiety, we immediately began researching holistic ways to treat him. It became clear to us that CBD was the answer, and after a positive reaction from our pup we knew that CBD had to be shared with every dog lover out there!!

CBD as a natural supplement may help a pet suffering from a painful chronic illnesses such as cancer, hip dysplasia or seizures. It may also be helpful for the pet that becomes stressed from vet visits, unfamiliar surroundings or travel, is fearful of fireworks and loud weather, and to aid in calming prior to euthanasia. Our products are created with vet approved ingredients.

We source our CBD from hemp plants grown in the USA. Most hemp is grown for textile use and the CBD is extracted using toxic chemicals. The hemp in our treats and tincture is derived from plants grown with the intention of being ingested, so the CBD is extracted safely without harsh chemicals.


Gouda Adventure

How does CBD work?

Cannabis has two subspecies: hemp and marijuana. The two primary cannabinoid compounds of hemp and marijuana are cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Let's talk about CBD.....